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The understanding that today it is possible to quietly and quickly assemble an acoustic room, and move it to another location when needed, led us to the decision that this solution should be available to the variety of clients and projects that seek to achieve great acoustics.


In order to supply the best solutions in the field of modular rooms, DHA Ltd represents Studiobricks S.L. exclusively in Israel.

Studiobricks modular rooms are based on a unique patented development, which provides design and flexibility that enables custom-made orders, various finishing materials and multiple accessory options. 

Thanks to the unique brick system, the rooms can be dismantled and moved easily, cleanly and quickly with no power tools needed.


Studiobricks have been perfecting it’s sound control technology for over 10 years. All booths are made of sustainable high-performance materials and provide state-of-the-art two-way sound isolation. The isolation of the basic model is 45dB.

Audiology Testing Booth
Audiology booth
R&D Testing Booth
Audiology booth
Acoustic Measurement Booth
חדר אקוסטי נייד
Podcast Booth
PodCast Duo Booth
Control Room
חדר אקוסטי מודולרי
Vocal Booth
חדר אקוסטי בבית
Phone Booth
Hola_Stand Up
Meeting Booth
חדר ישיבות אקוסטי  מודולרי
Office Booth
חדר עבודה אקוסטי
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