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When designing a private cinema, we aspire to achieve a reproduction of the soundtrack and video as it was originally produced in the studio.


Private cinema rooms can provide a true cinema experience; in many cases higher quality and even more enjoyable than commercial movie theaters.

When designing a smaller area, we can achieve better sound and image quality than in a big theater. Proper and coordinated planning between all components of design produces outstanding sound intelligibility, realistic surround sound and hi-resolution video projection.

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                      for the planning stages of cinema rooms

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Architectural Design

We plan the best geometrical shape maintaining strategic ratio between the width, length and height of the room, and prepare the room for machinery, storage and user accessibility of the AV units.

Example #1:

12 seat private cinema with machine room (a separate A.C unit) and user storage.

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Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic absorption & diffusion reduce reverberation time & acoustic reflections to the levels accepted as THX standard.

Example #2:

Acoustic diffusion and absorption in a 5.1 surround sound room.

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Seating Layout

The seating plan starts with a geometric centerline, which is prime location to other seating, and has minimum compromise on sound distribution. Seat location should meet requirements for image projection in terms of viewer-distance to image-size ratio.

Example #3:

Combination of a bar with bar seats and classic HT recliners in a private cinema.

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Sound System

We choose a format suitable for the given room and to meet customer needs - a choice between various formats ranging from 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, or the latest 3D surround sound formats like Dolby Atmos / Auro-3D.

Matching speakers to the room size depends on the intended seating capacity. Speaker location is orchestrated according to seat locations. 


Example #4:

Private two level cinema room with Dolby Atmos 3D surround sound system.

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Video System

Matching a projection system or video screen depends on the viewing distance and the customer's size preference. Viewing positions should meet THX standard.


Example #5:

Detailed vertical & horizontal projection plan in a home cinema room. Viewing angles & distance according to THX HDTV standard.

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