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DHA Acoustic Design Ltd is an architectural acoustics and audio systems design firm that specializes in recording studios, audio post production facilities, auditoriums and private cinemas.

DHA is a Tel Aviv based company. In addition to the local activity, The company has international projects in the United States and elsewhere in the world.

Since founded in 1999, DHA has designed and carried out hundreds of projects. From professional recording studios, and private music production studios, to large-scale commercial and educational complexes.

Each project differs in design and is tailored to the professional requirements and personal preferences of the client.

Our core principle is to fully customize each project. We believe both the acoustics and aesthetics should be carefully designed to achieve success. 

Sonic accuracy and visual quality create an inspiring workspace. 

DHA provides full architectural acoustic planning, and consulting for all elements of construction such as 

HVAC, electrical, lighting and audio-visual system design.

DHA Acoustic Design on MIX Magazine 1
DHA Acoustic Design on MIX Magazine 2
DHA Acoustic Design כתבה בתים מבפנים
From ProAVL MEA article
Dubidub studio by DHA on Genelec site
DHA Acoustic Design כתבה באקט מוסיקלי
DHA Acoustic Design ביקורת מסעדת A
DHA Acoustic Design כתבה בית ספר למוסיקה אונו
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